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Frenchies and Their Owners

Beautiful Dog, with Even More Beautiful Personality!

“I live in IL and my husband and I had owned a frenchie before who suddenly passed away. When the time was right we knew we wanted to open our hearts to another French Bulldog. Robert was AMAZING. He was so patient and most importantly prompt when communicating with me long distance. He was understanding of my distance and put me at ease with frequent pictures and even videos. Duke is the celebrity of our neighborhood and we get so many compliments and inquiries about our adorable, silly, and loving puppy. I would highly recommend Hilltop Acre Frenchies. Thank you again Robert!”

April 4, 2018

Baby Louie

“We drive out to Fresno from Pittsburgh to get Louie and it was worth every mile. Louie is beyond cute and the center of attention everywhere we go. If you are looking for a baby Frenchie I highly recommend looking here!”

Louie Canello
April 4, 2018

Could Not Have Had a Better Experience

“I have been researching French Bulldog breeders for a few years and was always on the fence whether or not I could fully trust them or not. I found Hilltop Acre Frenchies online via PuppyFind and redirected to their website. I live about 2 hours away from Hilltop so I relied heavily on email communication with Robert. He responded to all of my emails within such a short time and was very accommodating to my schedule. I found Winston online and was immediately knew he was perfect. I went to see him and it was love at first sight! Winston is such a joy to have a home. He came with all of his paperwork and Robert so kindly walked me through everything as far as the dates of his last vet visit, shot information, etc. I had such a great experience with Hilltop Acre Frenchies and would highly, highly recommend them.”

April 4, 2018

Our Pretty Girl

“My boyfriend and I were going back and forth on getting a dog, what breed we would want, color, etc. One sunny Friday afternoon we were out and stumbled upon a beautiful black puppy french bulldog. We were immediately drawn to the puppy and needed to find out where it came from. We contacted Hilltop Acre Frenchies and were happily surprised to find that they had just had a litter of blue puppies, the color we had been hoping for! The breeder was very helpful and willing to answer any questions we had. Mavi has been a wonderful dog and everyone that meets her immediately falls in love. Not only is she sweet but also beautiful. We highly recommend looking here!”

April 4, 2018

I Recommend You to Everyone Looking for a Frenchie!

“We love our little Ribgy, he’s brought so much joy to our life. Thank you for being an amazing breeder who truly cares for these puppies before they find their forever home. Riggs is happy, healthy, full of energy, and a well adjusted puppy.”

April 4, 2018

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