Bluemoon Master

This is Bluemoon Master! He is our lilac & tan merle stud who was imported from Germany.His DNA is; AT/A dd Co/Co Mm S/N and no brindle.This guy will be able to produce all the latest colors out there.He is open for stud to select females.

King Louie

King Louie is our 23 lb lilac & tan boy! His DNA is atat dd co/c0 Ee KyKy NN 1 copy Mask.He is very short and compact and produces great quality puppies. His dad is the famous lilac & tan stud “Burger,” which is from some of the top quality bloodlines ever walked the planet!

Oscar (Cream)

This boy has produced us some of the best looking puppies out there!Oscar has got wrinkles in every corner of his body.He has got a very smushed in face and has got the best personality a person could ask for! Oscar carries 2 copies cream,1 copy cocoa and 1 copy blue

Little Boy Blue

I love this tiny little tot!! Little Boy Blue is only 17 lbs and is super short and compact! He is our newest addition to our program! We are very excited to see what this little guy will produce! He is available for stud to select females!